A Quiet Place of Your Own

3 Apr
"A Quiet Place can be your reading room, or you can even expand it to include another activity such as I have done with mine. In addition to my books, I have storage on the shelves for storage of my...
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Be My Guest – Terri Winaught

14 Jan
...I have no right to tell you how, when, or even if you should heal from the multigenerational pain of PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder). I would encourage you, though, at least to consider the healing possibility of reconciliation because...
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Our Final Walk Together

30 Dec
The symbolic image I envision for the New Year, 2016, is the KALEIDOSCOPE. (A Kaleidoscope is symbolic of Constant CHANGE. We will all be changing as we move through a new year together, working in our journals and creating new writing...
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HOW TO Write YOUR STORY – Lesson #30

13 Dec
I tell my stories in a non-linear manner. That means I won’t be speaking in a chronological direction from a beginning to a middle, and finally, to an end. That is personally not how I think when I consider the element...
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