Be My Guest – Terri Winaught

…I have no right to tell you how, when, or even if you should heal from the multigenerational pain of PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder). I would encourage you, though, at least to consider the healing possibility of reconciliation because you deserve so much better than to have your strength sapped by anger that abates only after you’ve lashed out at someone you don’t even know. ..

Our Final Walk Together

The symbolic image I envision for the New Year, 2016, is the KALEIDOSCOPE.
(A Kaleidoscope is symbolic of Constant CHANGE. We will all be changing as we move through a new year together, working in our journals and creating new writing assignments together!)

In addition to the 2 blogs, I’ll be working on 2 books that are now in development. The publication date is the end of 2016. One is a book of essays and memoirs, the other, a book of poems.